An Arsenal player has announced when the Premier League will return


An Arsenal player seems to have revealed when the Premier League championship returns after answering numerous questions from fans on social media.

Danny Sebayos, who is on loan from Real Madrid to the London team, wrote to one of the fans that he can’t wait to play again. And added “June 20, Brighton.”

This means that it is probably already decided that the English Championship will return on the weekend in question with the round, which was first postponed to March 14 with the onset of the pandemic. Then Arsenal had to visit Brighton.

The day is Saturday, but it is almost certain that there will be a Friday match to open the restart round. This will be the Everton-Liverpool derby, which in that distant March round of matches should have been the last, on Monday night.

If the Reds win the battle with the city rival, which is expected to be on Friday night, June 19, they can become champions on Saturday, the next day. To do this, Manchester City must lose to Burnley at home.

Even if it doesn’t happen (and it’s not very likely), Liverpool will be champions in a win over Crystal Palace at home 4 days later, when it is expected to be the first of the intermediate rounds after the restart.

Jurgen Klopp’s team needs a total of 6 points from the remaining 9 rounds to lift the title.

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