An armed grandfather was preparing to “rescue” quarantined patients with a stolen helicopter


Michigan police have arrested an armed 70-year-old man who is said to have planned to steal a helicopter from the US Coast Guard and “rescue” hospitalized patients with coronavirus, writes the British newspaper The Independent, quoted by Focus.

Jesse McFadden, of Omer, Michigan, has been charged with four offenses following a series of events that begin around 8 a.m. Sunday morning.McFadden is said to have threatened to shoot the dispatchers in Arenak County and quarantine them during a 7.58 phone call, police said.

McFadden told dispatchers that he would shoot at the police station and head to a hospital in Stanish, Michigan, so he could turn off the power and get the keys to the ambulance.

He “wanted to cut off the hospital’s power supply, unlock the doors and release patients under COVID-19 quarantine,” the court document said.

Police say the 70-year-old also planned to steal a helicopter or boat from the U.S. Coast Guard station on the Saginou River in Essexville.

McFadden was armed. He was arrested at a gas station and taken to the police station.

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