An American singer reveals her admiration for Nancy Ajram and that she has heard her for years


American singer Billy Ailesh said she was a fan of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and her songs, and revealed that she had heard her for years.

She added through her “me & dad” program, which talks with her father and is broadcast on the “Apple Music” application, that Arab songs are like chocolate that melts in her ear and that she loves such kind of songs that inspire her in relation to her own music.

Elish revealed her favorite and very special song, “In Needs”, by Nancy Ajram, noting that she was listening to that song throughout December 2018.

“I loved Nancy Ajram very much in that song, the way she sings is very amazing and the tunes are great,” she added.

The American singer indicated that she listened to Nancy’s first song when she found a picture in the comics recently spread and it was “You Are A”, and when she listened to it, she liked her a lot and started listening to all Nancy Ajram’s songs.

It is reported that Ilyich recently released her new song “Everything i Wanted”.

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