An 18-year-old died in a matter of hours while in quarantine for his father


A young 18-year-old college student in Moscow died quickly and unexpectedly for relatives and doctors. The viral pneumonia killed the young man in a few hours, without symptoms of the disease, local media write.

The first to get sick in early April from the coronavirus father. After testing, infection with the new type of coronavirus was proven. The whole family of the patient was tested – the wife gave a positive result (although the disease was asymptomatic), and the sons (aged 18 and 23) gave a negative result. Family members were placed under a 14-day quarantine, which they observed and felt comfortable with.In May, the 18-year-old rarely went out on the street, and two days before his death he was with his mother for a consultation in a private doctor’s office (due to another medical problem). His temperature was measured at the entrance of the private medical institution and it was normal. He did not have a cough and then rode a motorcycle over the weekend.

And on May 19, around 2 pm, the young man suddenly lost consciousness and soon fell into a coma. A computed tomography scan was performed at the hospital and viral-bacterial pneumonia was diagnosed. It has been tested for coronavirus, but the result is not yet ready. At 10.30 pm the young man died.

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