An 18-year-old boy who was under Kovid surveillance in Kannur died


The youth who was under Kovid surveillance in Kannur has died. The deceased is Ribin Babu (18), a native of Madai from Chennai. This is the second confirmed death within hours. Kovid test results were negative. The Health Department says the risk of death from Kovid is therefore low.

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Ribin arrived in Chennai on the 21st. It was reported that he had some other comforts. She was staying at the Matao observatory. Though the results of Kovid test were negative, he was transferred to Pariyaram Medical College in Kannur after suffering fever and vomiting in the past few days. His death was confirmed this afternoon. The health department’s primary conclusion is that the cause of death is heart attack. In the event of death, a sap test will be performed once the initial test result is negative. Only after the result is buried will the body be buried.

Amina, 53, from Kalpetta, Wayanad, who had been treated at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, has died. They arrived abroad last Wednesday. She was diagnosed with cancer.

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