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The Sprookjeswonderland amusement park in Enkhuizen will reopen on Tuesday 2 June. But a spontaneous visit is not possible, because due to the corona measures, a limited number of tickets is available for the time being and reservations are required in advance. “We are therefore not going to sell season tickets this year,” said director Mathijs de Vries.

Undoubtedly a disappointment for many families in the vicinity of the park, because the subscriptions are popular. But according to De Vries this is not feasible for several reasons. “Because everyone has to make a reservation, we get a new booking system. We do not get it that quickly. Moreover, we can no longer ask for the full pound for the subscriptions and we also have to think about our finances. ”


The latter in particular is a weighty argument. ,, Due to the corona crisis, we miss a third of our normal turnover and we will not regain it. Due to the measures, there will not be very busy days and all school trips have been canceled. I do not see it returning in the autumn either. “And so it is important that visitors who do come pay the full entrance fee to save something of the year.

How many visitors will that be? According to director Mathijs de Vries, this depends on several factors: “We follow the protocol drawn up for the zoos by the Recron. This assumes a maximum of half the number of visitors on your busiest day, but that is of course still not very clear. ”

In any case, it is clear that Fairytale Wonderland itself wants to start quietly. “That is why we will also open on June 2 and not already on June 1, on Whit Monday. Then it can quickly become too busy and this situation is also strange for our employees. We first want to know if all rules and regulations work in practice. ”


Based on visitor numbers in previous years, De Vries expects an average of two hundred people a day outside the high season. ,, In the weekend that can rise to four hundred. If there are many more and everything goes well in the park, we can always adjust how many tickets we sell. And vice versa too. To speak to the minister, we will occasionally have to turn the buttons on our dashboard a bit. ”

So much also depends on how the public behaves. “Only families are welcome, so no grandparents and grandmothers with grandchildren or friends. Furthermore, the one-and-a-half measure applies everywhere in the park, “De Vries explains. In some places this means one-way traffic, such as the Fairytale Forest, and adapted queues or alternative entrances and exits at certain attractions. Until 1 July, a maximum of thirty visitors can enter the shows at Kasteel Violinde.

The service in the catering establishments at the park will also be adjusted. “We had a lot of self-service, but now people are not allowed to take anything out of showcases themselves.” “The petting zoo will remain completely locked for the time being. “For the safety of both animals and visitors. After all, the coronavirus is a zoonosis, an infectious disease that can pass from animal to human. ”

For some attractions, such as the Hekspeditie, De Vries himself is also in doubt. ,, We have to cancel the pre-show anyway, because it does not work to admit only one family. And for the attraction itself, I think, just like with the swinging ship, we have to release benches alternately. “” Safety bars at the faster attractions are checked with a hook, just like in other amusement parks.

Mouth masks

For the rest, the staff remains as far away as possible. “Parents are given more responsibility and must guide their children in the attractions as much as possible. So, for example, help the horses get on and fasten the belt. “” De Vries has mouth masks available for his employees. “They are not mandatory, but those who feel more comfortable with them can use them. It also depends on the situation, in a first aid situation you are more likely to use additional protective equipment. ”

De Vries is not thinking of additional evening openings to generate more income for the time being. “That is also a bit tricky with our young target group, which is normally still in bed around 8 pm. For the time being we will try it first. ”

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