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KUWAIT CITY: The second phase of the government’s decision to deport the Indian nationals in Kuwait following their amnesty is welcome.

Following the amnesty that began in April, thousands of Indians took advantage of the Kuwait government’s amnesty to return home. However, after the lockdown, the central government was unable to bring anyone to India. Geeta, Shiny, Sahil and Har Preet Singh, who are in deportation centers in Kuwait, have been advised by Advocate Legal Cell President Adv. The petition was filed in the Supreme Court by Jose Abraham.

The Central Government has said that 234 Indians from Kuwait have flown Kuwait flights to Indore in Madhya Pradesh. However, when thousands of Indians are in detention centers in Kuwait, the Supreme Court has directed the central government to consider the plea as a mitigation. The expatriate legal cell has once again filed a petition with the central government as it is unable to repatriate the Indians following the intervention of the Supreme Court. The petition stated that Indians who are in dire circumstances are urgently required to return home or else the Supreme Court directive will be ignored and will be considered as a court target.

It was against this backdrop that 145 Indians who took advantage of Kuwait’s amnesty plan were brought to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh for the second time. It is also reported that the Jazeera Airways will fly to Lucknow and Vijayawada on Friday. The return of Indians was delayed due to the non-availability of permission from Indian authorities, although other citizens of other countries who had taken advantage of the amnesty had started to flee. Those who petitioned the Supreme Court are still awaiting their opportunity in the sanctioned centers for those who took advantage of the amnesty. Nivasi Legal Cell Kuwait Country Head Babu Francis, PLC Treasurer Shiny Frank, General Secretary Biju Stephen, submitted to the NREGS. And now the amnesty has led to a quicker return.

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