American presenter to Trump: You’re sick! (Video)


An American presenter called Donald Trump “sick” on air. MKA Brzezinski, host of MNSB, did not spare criticism of the American president during a broadcast on May 20. Only now has the recording become available on YouTube, RIA reports.

The presenter attacked the American president because of his words about the number of proven cases in the United States. Brzezinski stressed that the country has 31% of the total number of COVID-19 infected in the world, but at the same time, according to Trump, the proven number of cases is a good thing and is an indicator of effective testing in the country. However, according to the journalist, the given situation will be remembered in history as a humanitarian catastrophe, which the American head of state could have prevented, BTV reports.

“I will take advantage of my situation by saying the following: These are the words of a sick person. Donald, you are a very sick man. Do you realize what you are subjecting the family of the deceased woman to and do it only because you are angry with Joe, because he oppresses you again, because he tells the truth and tells it in plain text, namely – that you are not interested in others, no you feel no empathy and that you are not able to cope with this gigantic humanitarian catastrophe. That it made it even bigger and you continue to make the situation worse, without even putting on a mask to protect the others, “Brzezinski said.

She added that the American president was “vicious and disgusting.”

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