AMERICA | The world is in the throes of fear; US with NASA’s US Air Force secret mission


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The world is looking forward to getting a job for China soon. America with a secret mission as the world trembles at the cusp of covid fear. With the help of NASA, the US Air Force has successfully launched their Atlas V rocket with a secret mission. The preliminary implication is that it will track China’s secrets following Kovid. But everything about this project is kept secret by the US. The death toll of the Covid 19 is nearing one million in the United States. This is why it causes so much mystery.

There was speculation that the federal government might even cut NASA funding. Meanwhile, news agencies have released a picture of the X-37B spacecraft launching a secret mission. The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral this Sunday, just days after bad weather stopped its plans to launch on Saturday.

Known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), the aircraft will launch a satellite into orbit and test the powerbeaming technology. This is the sixth mission of space flight. It has been announced that the launch will be dedicated to veterans and infectious disease veterans who have been fighting with Covid, but the mission is yet to be revealed. In the rocket’s payload fairing, a message called ‘America Strong’ was written.

The X-37B program is categorized for a variety of purposes. Yet the outside world knows very little about previous missions. The X-37B program was started in 1999. The vehicle is similar to a smaller version of the cruise space shuttle that the US space program retired in 2011. It can retreat through the atmosphere and land on the runway.

Built by Boeing, the aircraft uses solar panels for orbital energy, is 29 feet (9 meters) long, and is approximately 15 feet long and weighs 11,000 pounds (5,000 kg). The first plane took off in April 2010 and returned eight months later. The latest mission ended in October 2019 after a 780-day orbit. Although the X37B program has been in space for more than seven years, the length of this latest mission is currently unclear.

The Pentagon has revealed very little about this vehicle and its capabilities, even in the past. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said earlier this month: ‘This X-37B mission will test more than any other previous mission. But the matter cannot be disclosed. ‘ The initial implication, however, is that it will be tracking China’s secrets following Kovid.

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