America burns; Curfew, including in New York


The protests in the United States in connection with the murder of black man George Floyd are violent. The curfew was announced in several cities across the country, including in New York. The riots continue in Minneapolis where the murder occurred. Military police set out to counter the protests. There were clashes with police and protesters in many places.

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The protests are being held in the worst case of coronavirus. Protesters set fire to police vehicles, banks and other institutions. Protesters take to the streets, confessing the last words of George Floyd Police fired tear gas and fired rubber bullets, but the protests never stopped for the fourth day. The protest, which began on Wednesday, was peaceful at first. The protests were violent on Friday night.

In Washington, protesters stormed outside the White House, pushed security barriers, and infuriated security personnel. In Philadelphia, 13 police officers were injured. Protesters set fire to 4 police vehicles. Police have arrested a driver who was driving a pickup truck against protesters in Tallahassee, Florida. In many cities, such as Los Angeles and New York City, conditions are out of control.

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Police officer Derrick Shaw was taken into custody yesterday in connection with the murder of George Floyd. Floyd, who was working as a security guard at a small restaurant, was hit by a knee on his neck. An autopsy report showed that Derrick had pressed George on his knee for about nine minutes.

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