America burns; Curfew in many cities, including New York – NEWS 360 – AMERICA


New York: Protests in US cities have become violent as a police officer is accused of killing a black man. The curfew was announced in several cities, including New York. Military police also set out to confront the protesters. The riots continue in Minneapolis where the murder occurred.

Protesters set fire to vehicles, police stations and banks. Police fired tear gas and opened fire with rubber bullets. The deployment of National Guards, however, is out of control. Protests in Los Angeles, Denver and Detroit have been violent.

Protesters arrived in Washington and outside the White House. One person was killed in a gunfight at protesters in Detroit. Post-mortem reports that accusing police officer Derek Chowyn squeezed George Floyd to the knee for about nine minutes. B

If Derek Chow was arrested and charged with murder, there would be no protest. ” I breathe ” with the last words of George Floyd.

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