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Dubai ആ Amar Call Centers for Visa Inquiries in Dubai will not operate from midnight on June 1 until 5 am, Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Head of GDRFA Dubai, said. The center is suspended for the purpose of providing facilities that will be part of the center’s expansion. Inquiries may be made by emailing [email protected]

Major Salim Bin Ali

In the wake of Kovid 19, Dubai’s Immigration Department – Amer Happiness Caucenter’s activities and services have been intensified to address the public’s concerns about residential properties. The system will be further enhanced with the aim of providing more services and services to customers in the coming days.

The brochure released by GDRFA Dubai informs the public that the Amar Call Center will not be open from midnight on June 1 until 5 am.

The Amar Call Center operates 24 hours a day. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri said that toll-free number 8005111 should be called for all inquiries or queries regarding the public’s residential records.

Amer received 2,11,136 calls

In the last two weeks of March this year, Amer Call Center received 211,136 information and inquiry phone calls, said Major Salim Bin Ali, head of the Amer Happiness Customer Department. The Center received more than 11,000 phone calls from within and outside the country that day. This shows an efficiency rate of 82.86%.

Foreigners from India, including India, are advised to call +97143139999 for visa inquiries. Major Salim Bin Ali said staff at the Amer Center were trained in different languages ​​to answer calls from the UAE and other countries. For information:, GDRFA dubai (Smart App).

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