All cricket matches are fixed says Sanjeev Chawla | Sanjiv Chawla says all cricket matches have been fixed


NEW DELHI: Former cricketer Sanjeev Chawla, who was arrested in the 2000 match fixing scandal, has alleged that no match in cricket is clean and everything is a fix. He was based in the UK. He had been in hiding for 20 years and was brought to India in February this year. Chawla is one of the main accused in a fixing case involving the late South Africa’s former captain Hansi Kronya, who rocked the cricket world. It was when the South African team was touring India that the Chawla team came to fix them.

The shocking details of the fixing came to light when police seized the records of a telephone conversation between betting agent and Cronya. Chawla went into hiding after the police started investigating. He was eventually arrested in the UK and returned to India earlier this year after completing court proceedings there. The case is currently under investigation.

Chawla told a national media outlet that cricket matches are being played in all cricket matches and even a game is not 100 per cent honest. There is a huge underworld mafia behind them. It is this mafia that controls everything in cricket. Chawla also explained that the same kind of mafia cricket controls the film industry.

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Chawla told the investigating officer that his life in the case is now in danger and that the underworld mafia could endanger him at any time. Though born in Delhi, he was based in the UK. Chawla says she has been involved in fixing a number of matches. Chawla said he could not divulge information about the underworld mafia above him, but would risk his life. Police sources said that the names of Krishan Kumar, Rajesh Kalra and Sunil Dara, who had earlier been involved in the match-fixing, have been revealed.

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