Alexander Tomov again advises the Levski players how to save their favorite club


The former owner of CSKA – Alexander Tomov was a guest on the show “Face to Face” on bTV, where he again commented on what is happening in Levski and the most correct ways in which the capital’s grandmaster can be saved.

Here is what he said:

Georgi Petkov: Mr. Sirakov is a unique specialist in his field

“He wants everyone to give away absolutely every day, in every game, in every workout.”

“Without strong CSKA and Levski there can be no strong Bulgarian football and this has been evident in recent years. God help the two teams finally stabilize.

It takes between 7 and 10 million a year to be a champion of a big team. The income comes in the summer from the European tournaments, and the expenses are all year round. That’s why many teams use loans in the winter, which they try to repay in the summer.

It is good not to go to the “savior-father” option at Levski. On my second time at CSKA, we tried to take stock, sell shares to the fans, but it was not successful because we did not raise the necessary money. The second option is to have more wealthy shareholders, plus fans of the team like Blue Bulgaria Trust“This is how a connection is made between the love of the fans and the club,” the professor added.

Ventsi Stefanov: Nasko will end the expenses in Levski

Ventsi Stefanov: Nasko will end the expenses in Levski

“He knows how to cut the club’s budget”

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