Alcohol, fried, what causes dullness?


Some products make the brain tired and work much worse than it could.

Those who want to keep their brain active, as well as to prevent early dementia, it is important not only to exercise it constantly, but also to eat properly, BGNES reports. Oddly enough, there are a lot of foods whose regular use makes us duller – literally. Make sure they are on your menu and throw them away as soon as possible!

Vegetable fats

Are you still frying in sunflower or rapeseed oil and are you sure they are healthier than butter? Here’s your surprise: A 2017 study confirmed a direct link between regular consumption of fats high in omega-6 fatty acids (sunflower or canola oil) and an increased risk of developing memory impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Season your salads with olive oil, and for frying it is better to use animal fats.


Tuna are champions of mercury-containing foods. This element is able to accumulate in the human body, and its increased doses are dangerous to the health of our brain. Researchers from the University of South Florida (USA) found that people with high levels of mercury in their blood have 5% lower cognitive function in the brain. Agree, this is unacceptably much!

Food fried in a deep fryer

First, sunflower, rapeseed or coconut oil is most likely used in this frying. And secondly, such fatty foods lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the brain. Do you want to stay smart and active longer? Grill, bake, stew – but don’t fry!

Sweet drinks

Is jam sweet for the brain? Not everything is that simple. Regular consumption of sweet carbonated drinks, sweetened juices and even regular consumption of tea with sugar may briefly increase our energy and brain activity, but you have to pay for it with an increased risk of inflammatory processes. They in turn lead to reduced cognitive function and even dementia. Before it’s too late, switch to sugar-free tea and coffee!


According to researchers, there is no absolutely safe dose of alcohol for health. Even a glass of red wine a week can end up being harmful. And, of course, you should definitely not drink alcohol in large doses: it is dangerous for the structure of the brain and can disrupt its functioning, including irreversibly. The more we drink, the worse our brain works – alas

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