Al-Ahly of Egypt responds officially to the Zamalek banner on “The Real Century Club”


Al-Ahly Egyptian club commented, for the first time, on raising its traditional rival, Zamalek, the banner of the Real Century Club at the White Castle headquarters.

Through her account on Twitter, the Red Castle said: “Africa only knows a hero, Al-Ahly, who is on the throne of the continent in the past and present century, by planning and brilliantly leading his men and the children of his loyal sons, and broke all records in the various CAF competitions.”

For his part, a source in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) said that what Zamalek club did before would undoubtedly expose it to legal accountability after the CAF logo was used.

The source added, through statements to “Yalla Koura”: “The CAF regulations are clear, if the Federation logo is used by any body or person, then that exposes it to legal accountability.”

He concluded: “The CAF trademark is registered as a trademark around the world and any violation that puts its perpetrator accountable. The matter will have a judicial crack and if the violator has a relationship with CAF like the Zamalek Club, then there will be a financial penalty on the part of the federation’s internal committees.”

Yesterday, Friday, Al-Zamalek club posted a banner on its walls, titled “Real Century Club”, at the club’s headquarters in Mit Aqabah. The banner included the CAF logo alongside the Zamalek club logo, in addition to the phrase: “The Real Century Club with championships and achievements, not favoritism and compliments.”

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