“Akawi” tagine puts Ahmed El-Fishawy in an embarrassing situation … Video


Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy published a funny video of him while spending his summer vacation.

Al-Fishawi shared his audience via his account on “Instagram”, after eating a meal of “Al-Akkawi” and tawban, then he went down to the pool and tried to board the swimming pool, but he failed again and again in a comic way that raises laughter.

He wrote, commenting on the video: “Did you see Al-Akkawi, what did you do?”

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Shoftou Al-Akkawi worked at ايه #fishawy #egocomm

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Earlier, Ahmed Al-Fishawi and Yasmine, the head of filming for their movie “Al-Hareth”, were produced by “Scope” Company for Artistic and Cinematic Production. Al-Laithi, Rushdi Al-Shami, Noha Abdin, Sharif Al-Bardawili and Arefah Abdul Rasoul.

“Al-Harith” belongs to the quality of excitement and suspense, and it was filmed in Siwa, Cairo and some other provinces, and the movie has now entered the montage stage in preparation for commercial presentation after the end of the Corona crisis.

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