Akash Chopra slammed opposing opening religious places | Chopra opposes opening of shrines during lockdown


Mumbai: Former Indian cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra has criticized the move to open shrines following the lockdown. The central government had given permission to open the shrines in the fifth phase of the concession lockdown. The central government has sanctioned the opening of places of worship, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls from June 8. Chopra has come forward to criticize the opening of the shrine.

Chopra tweeted that he does not understand the need to open places of worship when there are serious restrictions, such as lockdown. Chopra criticized the opening of places of worship as “crowds”.

Realize that the closure of malls and restaurants will lead to a severe financial crisis. Therefore, closing them down can lead to severe financial difficulties. Chopra, however, asked why it was decided to open the shrines soon. God is everywhere, isn’t it – Chopra tweeted.

Chopra, meanwhile, has been criticized on Twitter for denying that he is against religious matters. Many have replied to Chopra that India is a country with a lot of religious people.


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