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Ajith and Shalini visit hospital Fans in concern


The video of the duo’s visit to a private hospital in Chennai is now being circulated

Tamil Nadu’s own head Ajith and his wife Shalini have visited the hospital amid concerns over the coronation of the country, which has left fans worried. Recently, a video of the couple visiting a private hospital in Chennai has surfaced on the internet.

Both came to the hospital wearing a mask. Shalini and Shalini have shared their vigilance with many fans. But there are reports that the star has nothing to fear and is in regular checkups.

Ajith celebrated his 49th birthday on May 1. Ajith is a huge fan not only in Tamil but also in Malayalam. After marrying the beloved Mamattikutty Shalini, the Malayalee audience will have to say that they love Ajith. Ajith and Shalini got married in April 2000 and started dating in April 2000. Shalini, who grew up as a child actress, said goodbye to the film. The couple have a daughter and son, Anushka and Advik.

Director Ajayodhan’s latest film ‘Vaalimayimalakku’ will be released soon. The actor had already completed the shooting before the film’s lockdown. ‘Vaalimai’ is the second venture of Ajith with Vinod and Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor. Last year, the duo got together for the Tamil remake of Pinkyen’s Tamil movie Nirkonda Parvaiyimala. Ajith plays the role of a police officer in ‘Wali Mai’.

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