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Ahana Krishna made her debut in the Malayalam film Luca last year. The actress was back in the film after a break with Tovino Thomas. Directed by Ahana Rajeev Ravi, daughter of actor Krishnakumar, I came to Malayalam with Steve Lopez. Ahana is an active social media activist during Lockdown. The actress is all set to share the specials of the house with the latest pictures and videos.

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Occasionally, fans also take videos of Ahana with her sisters. A new video by Ahana Krishna has gone viral on social media. The actress has posted a video with Anita Hansika.

Prithviraj and his team have returned home! Quarantine is not at home, but elsewhere

The chechi and the elder brother are playing the song that starts with ‘Varimoli Kannenak’ which is a shimmering chirmi of Prithviraj’s film Urumi. Ahana posted this video with the note that Hansu was paired while practicing the song. Fans have also taken up Ahana’s new video.

Allie is happy Dad is back! Supriya on the return of Prithviraj

Besides Ahana and Hansika, sisters Ishani and Diya are also stars on social media. They share dance videos and tic talk videos. Krishnakumar often accompanies his children to the videos. The father arrives with the support of his daughter. The film was also released with the 18th film Luca.

This is the first time Lalaten has been home for so many days! Now I can cook

Mammootty made his cameo appearance in the film and was directed by Shankar Ramakrishnan. Sunny Wayne starrer Pikkittappulli is the latest film to be released by Ahana Krishna. Apart from Ahana, sisters Ishani and Hansika also made their film debut. Hansika arrived at the launch of Ahana’s youth in Lucca. Ishani also debuted in the Mammootty film ‘One’. Krishnakumar also plays the lead role.


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