Again, we have more cured than coronavirus infected, albeit hair


Photo: Council of Ministers

41 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in the last 24 hours in Bulgaria. 1450 tests were performed, which means an increase on a daily basis of infectivity – 2.82% compared to 2.03% yesterday morning. The total number of proven cases is 2372, and the active cases are 1478 – ie. those under direct medical supervision. He stated this

Of the new cases, 11 were hospitalized. 8 of the new cases are from Sofia. There are 17 new cases in Pazardzhik – this is the cluster in the Kostal plant, there are a total of 22 cases so far. However, Kantardzhiev assured that the measures have been taken and if done in time, the cases are rapidly decreasing.
However, the healed are 42, ie. become a total of 769 and this means the fourth day in a row with a positive balance between cured and infected. There are also 5 new deaths – again mostly with chronic diseases, including one with cancer.

39 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Bulgaria for the past 24 hours, since 1912 PCR tests have been performed. Total confirmed cases with …

There is another sick doctor – a nurse from Knezha. A nursery has been closed in Knezha due to a coronavirus case, but the mayor claims that the case is with “administrative staff”.
Prof. Kantardzhiev emphasized again – how seriously ill you are, how much virus you have ingested, as well as how many ACE2 receptors the virus “catches”. Children have far fewer receptors in the respiratory system than adults. In adults over the age of 75, these receptors decrease, the professor assured. The fact that we have few deaths is due to the measures, he stressed.
                            Kantardzhiev said something else – problems such as the growth of outbreaks in hospitals in Vidin and Yambol, where it was most dangerous, have been overcome.
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