Again fewer hospital admissions, but number of infections …


In the past 24 hours, 276 new coronavirus infections have been confirmed in our country. That is slightly more than the day before, when there were 252 new infections. The other trends continue to decline. There were 56 new recordings, compared to 71 recordings a day earlier.

This is evident from the daily update of Sciensano. The number of deaths has also decreased in the past 24 hours. There are 26 confirmed cases, while in Thursday’s update, 37 deaths had yet to be reported.

The pressure on hospitals also continues to ease. A total of 1,415 beds are now occupied by corona patients, 33 less than a day earlier. 135 people were allowed to leave the hospital. Occupancy also fell in the intensive care units. There are still 268 patients treated, or nine fewer than in the previous update.

Despite the slight increase in the number of infections detected, the disease is still declining. The reproduction number is currently 0.86, which means that 100 sick people light 86 others. As a result, the spread slowly fades. The reproduction number has been lower before, but virologists indicated that the number may fluctuate from day to day. As long as it stays below 1, the disease will not gain strength.

The figures now published still say little about the recent relaxation of the corona measures. For example, the much-discussed “rule of four” dates from May 10. The crisis center said on Wednesday that the impact of this will only become noticeable in the figures in the coming days.

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