After the “Choice” episode … Mahmoud Al-Bazawi for his nephew “The Martyr” in Sinai: I saw you with them


The Egyptian artist, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, commemorated the martyrdom of one of his relatives in Sinai, by posting his photo on Twitter.

Al-Bazawi published his photo with his nephew, one of the martyrs of Sinai, in the midst of the extreme affliction that many Egyptians experienced after the end of the Thursday episode of the series “The Choice”, which witnessed a heroic epic led by Ahmed Mansi, and his men in the Perth ambush that witnessed their martyrdom.

Al-Bazawi commented on his photo with his nephew: “Today I am proud and I will remain proud because it is an honor that my nephew Hisham Mustafa Al-Bazawi is one of the martyrs of the operation of the right of the martyr in Sinai … A thousand mercy and light on you, the pride of the family, my hero … I saw you today among them, my love.” .

In a related context, the Egyptian artist, Amir Karara, published a touching video of a child after watching the 28th episode of the selection series, which witnessed the climax of the battle of “Perth” and embodied the sacrifices of the heroes of the 103th Battalion of the Egyptian Army led by the martyr Colonel Arkan Harb Al-Mansi.

In the video, the child is shown crying with heartburn and saying: “I swear to God to work as an officer so that I can answer their right.” He continued: “God willing, I will die a martyr.”

Karara commented on the crying of the child, writing: “O my son, God bless you and you will remain a hero, God willing … may God protect you.”

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