After Mohamed Ramadan … An Arab artist receives congratulations from the hero of “La Casa de Babel”


A congratulation to the Gulf actress and presenter, Amal Al-Awadi, raised doubts about the artist Mohammed Ramadan again, because it was issued by Enrique Ars, the hero of the famous Spanish series “Lacasa de Babylon”.

Al-Awadhi shared Arsi’s congratulations to her via her account on “Snapchat”, which tells her that it was her friend who asked him to congratulate her on her participation in the new video song of Iraqi singer Majed Al-Mohandes.

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After # Mohamed_ Ramadan message from the Spanish actor, # Enrique Arsi who played the role of Arturo in the famous series “La Casa de Babel” by # Amal_Awadhi, so the actor entered Flos from Arab celebrities. . . # Art # Artists news # Art news # Kuwait # Saudi Arabia # Oman # Qatar # Emirates # Bahrain # Dreams # Videos # Lebanon # Snap # Egypt # Artists # Sabreen_Kamal # Celebrities # Arts # Stars # News # Celebrities # Morocco # Tunisia # Egypt # Algeria #Iraq #sabreen_kamal

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Mohamed Ramadan was recently accused by his fans of the congratulations that he received from Enrique Ars on his birthday via the paid Instagram site, because the video clip showed the “Strazly” sign, an application to buy greetings.

Mohamed Ramadan acquitted himself before an audience by publishing a new picture message to Enrique Ars via his account on “Instagram” in which he confirms that he congratulated Ramadan without receiving any compensation, and that he congratulated Ramadan and described him as the best representative in the Arab world after he was informed by the international distributor Redwan.

Ars Muhammad also congratulated Ramadan Ramadan on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, to settle the controversy about receiving money from him.

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Thanks to my friend @redone as he let me personally know such a talented actor like you. And we gonna work together soon #moneyheist #lacasadepapel #arturoroman #enriquearce

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On the other hand, the “Prince” series, which played Ramadan during the Ramadan 2020 drama season, achieved great success, and was among the 4 series that ranked the Trend List in Egypt, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia in “Twitter”, along with “Betrayal of the Covenant”, “Choice” and ” Aaron’s mother. “

The series revolves in the context of social drama about the “Prince” family and “Radwan El Prince” embodying his character, Mohamed Ramadan, who works as a plumber in his father’s workshop, finds himself responsible for his family after the death of his parents, which results in some family problems between him and his 6 siblings because of the heirs and they “Abdul Mohsen” embodied by Edward, “Fathi” Ahmed Zahir, “Yasser” Muhammad Alaa, “Nora” Reem Sami, “Adel” Ahmed Dash and his sister’s husband, Raafat, Ahmed Fahim.

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