After modifying the barter agreement … the Turkish Central will receive 10 billion dollars from Qatar


An analytical list of the financial position of the Turkish Central Bank stated today, Friday, that the bank received 10 billion dollars from a currency swap agreement with Qatar two days ago.

                    AFP 2020 / Niklas Halle’n

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The “Anadolu” agency, had previously reported that the Turkish Central Bank and its Qatari counterpart had agreed to raise the amount of bilateral swap between them to the equivalent of $ 15 billion in the currencies of the two countries.

And the Turkish Central Bank last Wednesday published a statement on the amendment of the swap agreement concluded with its Qatari counterpart on August 17, 2018, and the amendment was to raise the amount of the swap with the Qatari center to the equivalent of $ 15 billion of the Turkish lira and the Qatari riyal.

The amount of the swap before the amendment of the aforementioned agreement corresponded to $ 5 billion of the Turkish lira and the Qatari riyal.

The statement stressed that the primary goal of the agreement is to facilitate trade in local currencies and support financial stability in the two countries.

According to the agency, “Reuters”, the agreement provides much-needed foreign liquidity in Turkey and provides some much-needed external financing to boost depleted reserves and support the Turkish lira.

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