After confirming Uthra’s death, he sat down on the bed and dined in the morning.



: Woman dies after snake bite killed in Anchal Utra’s husband Suraj has pleaded guilty. The details of the planned murder were revealed when her husband Sooraj and four others, including snake-taker Suresh, were hacked to death. The deceased Utra’s husband Sooraj bought the snake from Suresh, a native of Kalluvatukkal, for Rs 10,000. Sooraj was in constant contact with him. Determined to kill Uthra, who had some mental problems, Sooraj bought the viper from snake-ridden Suresh on February 26. The viper bit Uthra on March 2, but Utra escaped. It was then that Karimurkhan was bought.

Sooraj was brought home in a huge bag. After sleeping in the night, he bit Uthra with a snake. After confirming his death, he sat down on the bed and dined. The snake was then placed in the corner of the dressing room. Then we left the house at about five and a half. When the mother of Utrea came to visit her daughter, who had not yet seen her daughter, she found him unconscious. The snake was bitten on arrival at the hospital.

Utah’s phone call at the time was evidenced today; How the truth came out

The family members of Uthra and Suraj had allegedly been involved in the death .Suraj was also unnatural. On the day of his death, Sooraj had taken 92 sovereigns from the 110 sovereigns he had given to the family. The case was investigated by the local police and then by the crime branch. The investigation was conducted with the help of a cyber cell. Sooraj pleaded guilty after interrogation of snake-taker and interrogation. When questioned about the snake’s purchase, Sooraj said that he had bought the snake to put it on YouTube.

At night, he saw a snake biting on the top of the umbrella

Sooraj and Suresh’s relative are in custody. Police have also reported that Sooraj had financial problems. Sooraj’s parents said the wrongdoer’s son should be punished. Sooraj’s family also admitted that the snake taker had come to the house. This, too, led to the investigation. Residents have admitted that Suraj had links with snake-takers.

Uthra’s murder has been unraveled in a scientific investigation

The first investigation was made on suspicion of how the snake got into the AC room that didn’t open the windows. Surya’s phone call details revealed by cyber cell On March 2, Utra was bitten by a snake at Sooraj’s house. A second snake was bitten on May 7 while in his home after treatment. When Suraj was accompanying him, he was bitten by a snake. Uthra has a one-year-old boy. The boy is now with Suraj’s family.

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