After 10 years … Mourinho reveals what Guardiola said in the famous snapshot … photo


The famous image that Mourinho interfered with in a dialogue between Guardiola and his Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the Barcelona and Inter Milan matches came to mind in the second leg of the 2009-2010 Champions League semi-finals, which brought the two teams to the Camp Nou stadium.

10 years after the famous shot, Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho at the time, talked about what he said when he approached Guardiola and his Swedish player.

The Portuguese revealed to the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” the details of this incident.

Saying: “When Busquets fell, I was standing diagonally between the bench and the event and expelled Motta, and I saw with a blink of an eye the bench of the Barcelona bench celebrating the expulsion, as if they had already won the match, and then Guardiola was talking to Ibra about the tactics that must be followed in the 11 to 10 position I went to Guardiola and told him, ‘Don’t celebrate yet, the match is not over yet.’

Recall that on that day, Inter Milan was a guest of Barcelona after the Italian club won 3-1, and it appeared that Inter Milan was suffering against Barcelona, ​​especially in light of the expulsion of Brazilian Thiago Motta from Jose Mourinho after half an hour, after Sergio

Busquets in the claim of injury, which prompted Belgian referee Frank B. Bleker, to direct a red card in the face of the Brazilian, leaving Inter suffering 10 players only half an hour after the start of the match.

Inter Milan were able to overcome the obstacle Barcelona, ​​the outcome of the two meetings, to reach the final and to win that version of the Champions League.

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