actress mamtha about her | I don’t like those two questions; Open up, Mamta


Actress Mamta Mohandas made her debut in the Malayalam film Mayukham. The film stars Mammootty and Mohanlal in the lead roles. Mamta Mohandas is a fighter in her life.

The actress and singer is known to have cancer while she is on the brink. After years of struggling with cancer, she became active again in the movies. Mamta shares her favorite questions with her during interviews. In an interview to a leading media outlet, Mamta confessed: Asked what was the most pressing question in the interview so far, the star said the same.

” There are two. Can you tell us about the experience of your first movie and how it came to be in Mayouk? I don’t like that question. It’s been 15 years since I got into the movie and it hasn’t ended. The second question is about cancer. People are asking for it too. ”- Mamta


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