Actress Mallika Sukumaran has moved into a cousin’s house


Thiruvananthapuram: Heavy rains in Thiruvananthapuram have caused water to flow to various parts of the city. Actress Mallika Sukumaran has moved from Kundamankadavu home to a relative’s house. Kundamankadavu flooded 13 houses on Ela Road with water rising in Karamana river.

When the water began to rise, the firefighters arrived and evacuated people to the rubber boat. Mallika Sukumaran moved to her brother’s house in Jawaharnagar. The floods in the region were also affected by the floods of Kerala in the year 2018.

The five shutters of the Aruvikkara Dam were opened yesterday following heavy rains. Mallikasukumaran said the opening of the dam without warning had caused the water to rise twice. He has been repeatedly asked to clean the canal behind the house. Complaints were made to the minister, including the minister. She has not taken any action in this regard for three years.

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