Actress Ann Augustine Shared A Heart Touching Memory About her father, I know her father is not able to return, but I want it to be.



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Ann Augustine is an actress who has conquered the hearts of audiences through the film Elsamma Ennu. Ann is the daughter of Malayalees favorite actor Augustine. The actor, who won the state government award for best actress, is leaving the film. Anne’s words about her father are now going viral on social media. The actress’s heartwarming note was sharing the picture with A Guest.


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The words of Anne …

Their father was their security and strength. ‘I often call my father out loud. Wish the father had answered the call. Even though his father can’t, ‘I know my father can’t. But I really wish there were. Our father was our security and our strength. His father taught us to enjoy life, to celebrate, to face failures, to find strength in pain. From an early age, I was fortunate to see my father’s passion for film and acting.

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” I could do a little more but I hope my father was proud of it. Miss You Dad… I miss calling her father “- Ann posted a black-and-white picture with her father. The actress received a positive response on Instagram.

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Augustine, who has been active in the industry since 2009, quit the film. He was last seen in a Mammootty movie, Aathu Mathukutty. Meanwhile, Anne was fortunate enough to work with her father in Rebecca Uthup Kuzhakkemala. August’s death was the same year that she received the state government’s award for Best Actress

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