Actress Ahaana Krishna: It was the most disgusting incident the fans have ever done; Open up, Ahana! – ahaana krishna reveals The weirdest thing about a fan ever did to her


Ahana Krishna is a favorite of Malayalees. She is also the daughter of actor Krishnakumar and has followed in her father’s footsteps. Ahana, who is very active on social media, recently started focusing on YouTube. Ahana was a regular presence on Instagram during the lockdown. Ahana has been very active on Instagram with photos and videos as well as with Tikto, editing kasar and singing. This was followed by Ahana’s appearance on Instagram and YouTube.

Youtube is about to become a star

Ahana shared with her fans via Youtube how she had a day. Now, the new video has come up with a new video.

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Interestingly enough, when asked what was the most hated event the fans did. Interestingly, Ahana recounted what happened when I was in college after my first film with Steve Lopez. Ahana says that she did something that made her feel very intense. Ahana says that she had even thought about what she should be worshiping at the time of the incident.

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Miss was coming and calling

The teacher said that H Audi told him to meet him while he was in class. Being a very good student in college, I came here very cool. When I went there, everyone was looking at me. When asked what happened, they handed him a courier and said, “It is in my name.”

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Shocked Courier

She was studying in Chennai and asked me what the courier was. Someone sent me to college. There was a love letter in the courier and a gift like a necklace. When the courier arrived at the office room, they all burst into it.

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They were all understandable

They had read Love Letters. Even if they do not know how to read Malayalam, they understand it. Because the letter was written many times as “Aulav Yu”. It was three pages long and had been written at least ten times in the letter.

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The first incident

It was the first event in life, literally shocking. The soreness went away. I apologized to them. At the end of the episode, I started to laugh at myself. He had written great stories.

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He told me to marry him

She wrote in that love letter that she wanted to marry me and make me feel terrible. He put his mobile number in it. This is the most hated event the fans have ever done. It is important to note that he found the college’s address and sent the love letter. Says Ahana.

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