Actress Ahaana Krishna: ‘Don’t be called Star Kid, my father is still struggling to find a good role’: Ahana Krishna


Ahana Krishna is a favorite of Malayalee film audiences. Though not very active in movies, she is very active in social media. It is doubtful whether there was another player who was so active on social media during the lockdown days. Since everyone in the house is a celebrity, the fans take on everyone. Fans can also share commentary on Instagram with the likes of Lockdown Special Tectonic Videos and Dance Videos.Also Read: The art of gym art; Bachchan, 77, with his 19-year-old grandson

South Indian father Krishnakumar also shares the story of his children on Instagram. When Ahana came to Hello Live last week, some of the things she shared are going viral. Ahana said she was very happy to be at home in Lockdown and prayed for those in trouble at Kovid. Ahana was responding to fans’ queries when she reached out to fans on social media platform Hello.

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“I am a huge fan of the web series Money Heist, which was a hit during Lockdown,” said Ahana. If not for now, she would not have acted in the land of the crabs, “Ahana said. After making her first film debut, Ahana made her comeback to Malayalam cinema with the film ‘A break in the land of the crabs’.

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Asked what kind of character she wanted to play, Ahana replied that she would like to play a role that has no references. When Ahana mentioned that her father was a former star, she did not call herself a Star Kid. Ahana also said that her father was still struggling to find a good role.

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Ahana has made her mark in the cinema industry by appearing in theaters last year with ‘Luca’ and ‘Eighteenth Padi’. Sunny Wayne starrer Pikkita Pulli is the latest movie to hit the screens. Ahana also plays the female lead in the movie Nancy Rani. More details about this image have not been released.

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