actor antony varghese new makeover photos go viral on social media | Pepe in Variety Look; Fans are wondering which film will make this change


Anthony Varghese is an actor who has made his mark in the film Angamaly Diaries. Anthony is still known for his role in the film, three years after the film was named after Pepe. After Independence, the actress who acted in films like Midnight and Jallikattu is making many films this year. The latest pics that Anthony shared on social media have gone viral in the Chullen look he has never seen before.

Anthony has starred in all three films (Angamali Diaries, Independence Midnight, Jallikattu). The new look is therefore a big surprise to fans. The star has now shared the pictures on her full clean shave look on social media. Many people have come up with comments like ‘Kidu Look’. Some have even questioned whether the mask is peppered and the look of the new project. Anyway, the pictures have gone viral.

Pepe is planning to release several films this year. Many films have already been unveiled, such as the World Cup at Anapaaramba, Ajagajantaram, Aravam, Mary Jan, Falami, Dev Fakir.


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