ACOD: “Directors again with their hands in their hair”


The boards, which have been hard at work in recent weeks, may be having a hard time tonight, says Nancy Libert of the education union ACOD. She warns that not all schools will be able to guarantee a maximum offer.

Kindergarten and primary education can open fully from 2 June. That was decided after a marathon meeting between the education umbrella organizations, the unions and education minister Ben Weyts (N-VA). Read here.

But the fact that the unions were involved in the consultations does not mean that they welcome everything equally.

“The management teams, who have been working hard in recent weeks, may be having a hard time tonight,” said Nancy Libert of education union ACOD. “They probably have to do a risk analysis again and put their teacher puzzle all over again.”

Libert warns: “The bubble has become bigger for students in the lower (from max 14. To 20, ed.), but the one and a half meter rule is retained. This means that twenty students may only sit together if the class is large enough. So twenty students and a teacher ask for 88 m². ”

Libert is also disappointed with the date. “Parents want clarity. Every mom or dad will expect to send his or her child to school on June 2. However, that is not an established fact. It is from June 2, no on June 2. Schools decide when they are ready. First and second grade students may also have to sacrifice the number of days they can attend school. Four full days will not be possible in practice where nursery teachers have been engaged to deduplicate classes in the 1st and 2nd grade. ”

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