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Mahabharata, which has been declared as the biggest film of actor Mohanlal’s career, is in crisis. There were major problems with the script. But Mohanlal had recently said that he hoped this film would happen. On his 60th birthday, Mohanlal spoke about his journey to becoming a giant in the Mahabharata.

Going through some yarn. It is in some cases unexpected. Such films have to be made. Mohanlal also said that he is looking forward to it. The birthday of director VA Sreekumar was also followed by the Mahabharata. Sreekumar said, “Happy birthday to my behemoth.


However, according to reports, director Omar Lulu said that ‘Mahabharata’ is going to be a shocking film. In a post released on Facebook, the director has said that the second trilogy will be turned into a movie that no one can predict.

‘VA Sreekumar Ettan’ is the biggest budget movie in Malayalam cinema. So give him the confidence and make it a good movie. ‘ Omar Lulu says.


‘Mahabharata’ will be directed by VA Sreekumar and scripted by MT Vasudevan Nair. The film was supposed to be titled Iruzhuzha. Mohanlal will be seen as a giant in the movie. The star of the movie was also released. But the problem arose with regard to the script.

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Even after years of contracting to complete the film, filming had not even begun. Five years after the deal was signed, MT approached the court demanding that the script be returned. The case is currently ongoing. Hopefully there will be a movie in the future.

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