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Veena Nair is best known for her role as a television actress. After starring as a villain and actress in a number of serials, Veena has shined on the big screen. But with the coming of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2, Veena is getting more and more news.

Veena has spoken about her husband Kannettan (RJ Aman) from Ambassadors from Bigg Boss. He used to cry about everything in his family. Veena was named as an emotional contestant. Veena Nair is celebrating her birthday on May 21st.


The actress released pictures of her family celebrating the cake cutting. It is interesting to note that May 21st is the birthday of Mohanlal. When she falls, she tells of her biggest surprise ever. The actress said in a post on Facebook that Mohanlal was among those who greeted her.

Raghu and his wife at the wedding! Amritha Suresh and Veena Nair will be leaving the film with comments and comments

“On May 21, 1989, at 6.42 am at the Kottayam Medical Central Hospital, a girl was born to Lathika Babu. Wanting to grow up and become an actress, she later learns that May 21st is the birthday of Indian cinema’s acting superstar Mohanlal (Lalaten). He wished to see him at every birthday.

It’s a happy day for Veena Nair! Bigg Boss stars following Surprise made by husband and son


At least one photo later. By 2020, Big Boss came on the show and changed all of us. He was considered as Ishwar’s worth and was shocked again on his birthday today. I gave myself up to the hill to lust. To the parents who gave birth. Love, love and respect …

You can see Veena’s post here

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