Abdul Razzaq feels India lost to England in World Cup purposely | Abdul Razzaq says he thinks India will lose to England in World Cup


KARACHI: Pakistan has taken up a reference to India in its book Ben Stokes on Fire. Stokes said the Indian players did not look for a win in last year’s World Cup match against them. This was followed by Sikander Bhakt, former Pakistan player. He accused India of deliberately defeating Pakistan in its World Cup semi-final. Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has made a similar remark.

There is no doubt that India was defeated. He had said this even after the game between India and England. Others have expressed similar views. The Indian batsman, who has hit six boundaries and boundaries with ease, has seen all the balls block. Razak explained that by then, everyone would have understood.

Former Pakistan player Mushtaq Ahmed has also criticized India. He said India was deliberately disappointing Pakistan, its neighbor. India lost in the preliminary round of the World Cup. This was India’s only defeat. Although this match was not decisive for India, England needed victory.

Stokes on Fire not only mentions his match with India but also England’s other games in the World Cup. Dhoni’s batting after the crease seemed odd, as India needed 112 to win in 11 overs. He was trying to get singles rather than sixes. India could have won the match.

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Neither Dhoni nor batting partner Kedar Jadhav saw any attempt to conquer India. His method is to go to the fullest extent possible if victory is felt. The batting of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli seemed mysterious. The English bowlers are known to have performed well. But India’s batting is very strange.

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