Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi: We face unjust aggression under American supervision and Israeli cooperation


The leader of the “Ansar Allah” group (Houthis), Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, called on his supporters today to mobilize and support the fronts of the fighting in the face of the Arab coalition, which said that America oversees its operations.

Cairo – Sputnik. Al-Houthi said, in a speech broadcast by Al-Masirah channel speaking on behalf of “Ansar Allah”: “We are a people facing unjust aggression, aggression under American supervision, Israeli cooperation, and Israeli blessing, and the American and Israeli position is clear, open and declared, in word and deed.”

                    AP Photo / Hani Mohammed

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He added: “It is our duty of faith, religious, moral, humanitarian, innate and patriotic, to confront this aggression with full force, and we move at all levels, at the military level, to support the fronts with men and money, and that the pace of mobilization be an active and strong pace.”

And the leader of “Ansar Allah”, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the legitimate Yemeni government, considered “executive tools that implement the aggression and work to serve the enemies”, accusing it of “committing the most heinous crimes against the Yemeni people.”

On the economic front, Al-Houthi called for “attention to internal production, continued attention to agriculture, non-consumption of the remaining farms in qat, and keenness to grow crops like grains.”

The leader of the Ansar Allah group stressed, “The need to take precaution and caution against the Corona virus, and adhere to the measures to prevent the epidemic without panic and intimidation,” noting that “the moral condition is one of the most important requirements to confront the epidemic and must be very high.”

Al-Houthi attributed the cause of the “Corona” outbreak in Yemen to “that the process of controlling the ports and entry and exit did not take place as required”, stressing that “there was very great pressure and a smuggling operation.”

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