A woman gave birth to twins, but their father left her as soon as she saw the baby’s documents


It is said that having a baby in the family is the happiest moment for the mother and father. And imagine the appearance of twins – double happiness. Right?

The newborn baby from these PHOTOS 18+ drove the world crazy

Well, that’s not always the case. Proof of that was the story of Melania and Johnwhich from jenata.blitz.bg already shared.

But it turned out that what happened to them was not as surprising as what happened in a Chinese family.

The baby from these PHOTOS is not ordinary! It turned the whole world upside down

The woman gave birth to twins. They were discharged from the hospital and days later received the children’s documents (this is a standard Chinese procedure). But as soon as the man saw the documents of one of the children, he immediately left the family and filed for divorce.

Doctors explained that what happened was observed in one in 10 million births.

You will learn the strange and at the same time scandalous story on jenata.blitz.bg

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