A US warship hit drones near Pearl Harbor with a laser weapon


The US Navy has successfully tested a weapon system

The warship USS Portland (LPD-27) shot down a drone with a laser weapon during the first-of-its-kind test at sea of ​​the Navy’s high-energy laser weapon system, BGNES reported, citing USNI News.

The Navy is currently developing and testing a range of laser weapons, some of which are more powerful but only suitable for ships with greater power generation capabilities, such as the San Antonio Transport Amphibious Class (LPD-17). while others are less powerful but can be placed on a larger variety of ships.

In this tess, the USS Portland tested its laser weapon on an unmanned aerial vehicle while operating near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on May 16, the US Pacific Fleet announced. “By conducting tests against unmanned aerial vehicles and small targets, we will gain valuable information about the capabilities of the Weapons Laser System (SSLWS) against potential threats,” said ship’s captain Kerry Sanders. According to him, the new weapons will redefine the war at sea.

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