A taxi driver in London died of a coronavirus, an infected client spat on him and did not pay


PHOTO: Pixabay

A taxi driver from London died in hospital after being stuck by a coronavirus-infected passenger who refused to pay for the transport, The Mirror reported.

On March 22, 61-year-old Trevor Bell was driving a passenger in London’s Stratford district. The man refused to pay him 9 pounds and spat in his face with the words: “I have a coronavirus, now you have it.”

Bell’s condition later worsened, and he developed symptoms of the infection. A few days later he was admitted to hospital and fought for his life for three weeks. He died on April 18.

His friend Damien Briggs said Bell had recently become a grandfather. “He was a cheerful man who always found a way to make people smile and forget about their problems,” he said.

Earlier, it was reported that a railway ticket seller in London died after being stuck by a passenger infected with a coronavirus. Her colleague reported that she worked without a protective mask, Channel 3 reports.

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