A study reveals that potato protein helps maintain muscle


A new study indicates that protein derived from potatoes can be of high quality and helps people to develop and maintain muscle mass.

This research may help transform an increasing number of people towards vegetarian diets.

                    AFP 2020 / Saul Loeb

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According to the Medical News Today, these diets influence a range of factors, including physical health, environmental sustainability and exercise ability.

The authors of the current study wanted to explore the effects of protein derived from potatoes, while potatoes are mostly starchy food, but they also contain protein, and this extract can generate enough protein for human consumption.

To determine the quality of the potato protein, the researchers recruited women in their early twenties who generally consumed the recommended daily amount of protein.

Then the researchers divided the group into two halves, giving a group of protein derived from potatoes to double the amount of protein they were consuming, while the other half remained on the recommended daily amount of protein.

The researchers found that women who took potato protein supplements increased muscle protein formation, while this did not happen in the placebo group.

“This was an interesting discovery that we did not expect, but it appears that the recommended daily allowance is not enough to support the muscle preservation of these young women,” said Okaitawa.

For the study authors, this finding also indicates that plant proteins can be of value in helping to maintain and develop muscle tone.

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