‘A smoker who vowed not to give up his cigarette ..’


LawDirector MA Nishad shares his past memories of being a smoker on anti-tobacco days. MA Nishad says that one of the biggest successes of your life is to quit smoking without question.

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Cigarettes ….

Once was my best friend …

How many nights of self-indulgence you get when you smoke a cigarette on your lips ….
The teacher who taught me recently said that in college, without a cigarette in hand, you rarely see me … Cigarette / Beedi was a trademark of mine …

But I asked him if he was smoking at the funeral home in Punalur … My father Mohammed Kunju Master, who was the first municipal chairman of Punalur, would smoke very well … I was so excited and excited. He gave me a small smile and smoked the cigarette he put on my lips … that was the first experience … and then the smell of the cigarette became a haunt.

Two of my uncles were very good smokers, and they had a sweet memory of watching the cigarette.
In the 10th grade, the good intentions of smoking begin … The influence of cigarettes on a child’s own myth is that the influence of cigarettes is not small … if it is through movie stars …
When I go to the cinema, I see some ads, before the movie starts. The most popular of the cigarette ads that attracted me at the time was the Panama Cigarette starring Jackie Shroff. ” Panama does not taste and smell like a filter. ‘ .. the price is higher … Panama, cisterns, charminar, ordinary filter cigarettes with no filter … That’s why the Panama companies put an ad in the movie …

I loved Jackie Shroff’s style of cigarette smoking. His movie Hero was a hit … but in some movies it is a big bummer to see heroes smoking a cigarette … a time when the sound of ‘Sagarangal’ is blowing up. .When she smoked quietly and rhythmically, Sukhumo began to drink the cigarette of Goddess Lalettan’s cigarette style. Superstar Rajinikanth’s cigarette tastes are the trend of the day, now and forever …

So in the Escort Pockets of the Lieutherin School, I tried many levels of cigarette pear … There are people who smoke cigarettes, AB Mammon, Johnny and Manoj.

So, while I was studying at Mar Ivanios and later at TKM, I could not think of a single cigarette without a cigarette. There are many like-minded people, cousin Ranju Salam, Nainan, Idikula and so on.

I had a regular movie dialogue with those who came to advise .. “My last nipple was the most sad, but most comforting and comforting of a cigarette.” But I could not quit smoking. Even though I imitate the style of many actors, What struck me most was the manner in which Sukumaran’s smoking a cigarette … I was fortunate enough to play a child actor with Sri Sukumaran in the film Anthiveile Ponnu … I remember seeing him for the first time … 555. Sukumaran style was my cigarette wallet until I stopped smoking ….

When the cigarette came to eat me, I would forever cigarette. My mum would probably be the happiest. That was the biggest success in my life. My answer is that I quit smoking …

Yes … to understand the naked truth that smoking can only make our bodies and minds ailments, we do not live long distances. Realizing that every smoke is a lifesaver in our day, I have to share with you in this anti-tobacco day …

Stop Smoking … it kills you … Stop Smoking … it is a good sign that you never gave up your cigarette.

NB: The above image was taken when I was playing the role of a lorry driver in the Tamil film Kenny I directed.

Content Highlights: Director MA Nishad talks about quitting smoking, World No-Tobacco Day 2020

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