A small feast will be held at Imam Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab mosque


Doha Qatar’s Imam Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab will hold a small feast at the mosque, according to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Qa’aq. Only 40 people, including the imam and his staff, are allowed to attend the Feast. Prayer will be done with social distance. All other mosques in the country have been shut down as part of Covid’s preventive measures. The churches will remain open only after the health of the people has been secured, ”Iqaf said.

The Imam Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab, known as the largest mosque in the country, has only evening prayers, Taraweeh and Qiyam prayers since the beginning of Ramadan. Only the Imam and four employees of the mosque are allowed to attend these prayers.

The Feast of Prayer and Qutubah will be broadcast live to believers via local television channels and radios. The live broadcast is to ensure that the imam is not allowed to imitate.

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