A six-year-old child shocked the whole world, look at him! VIDEO / PHOTOS


The six-year-old Iranian shocked the whole world with his skills with the soccer ball, as well as with the impressive abdominal muscles, which he does not stop showing on the social network. Arat Hosseini quickly gained popularity and now has more than 4 million followers on Twitter. There he delights his fans every day with videos and photos.

Even Lionel Messi already knows about little Arat. The Barcelona superstar also grabbed his head after seeing what the Iranian can do. Arat greeted Messi with special back scissors.

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The great talent is encouraged by his ambitious father to sweat hard in training. In one of the last videos, Arat shows how he makes “over 3000 feet”, not allowing the ball to fall to the ground.

The boy also works hard on shaping the abdominal muscles and is proud to show that he has successfully copied Cristiano Ronaldo.

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