A singer loses his front teeth due to the challenge of eating corn on the punch … Video


American singer and actor Jason Derulo posted a video clip on the “Tik Tok” app while participating in a famous challenge, where corn must be eaten on the drill.

An unexpected thing happened during the filming of the video, as the singer lost two of his front teeth, yet the video gained 18 million likes, and Jason warned, “Don’t try to do that.”

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Soon after, Jason released another video showing him with a bright white smile, what baffled the users, and someone said, “This is unreasonable, how did he get his teeth back so quickly?”.

Jason is famous for his love to participate in serious challenges, as this is not the first time he has lost his teeth, and he lost them when he made a failed jump to the pool using his hands.

In another challenge, Jason wrestled with a frying pan as well as dancing in a winter jacket and once tried to play the role of his dog.

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