A representative of Hisham Ashmawi’s role in “Choice” responds to critics of “Takkara” … and his wife warns him


Egyptian artist Ahmed Al-Awadi revealed the scenes of his portrayal of the terrorist, Hisham Ashmawi, in the series “The Choice”.

Al-Awadi said, during a televised intervention, that he studied the character and the comments of people on him, whether his “militia is dry” or that he is not joking, adding that he showed the details of the character as it should be.

Al-Awadi added that Ashmawi was a complicated, troubled and criminal offense, and that he was required to show how this person was a criminal.

He explained that he studied Ashmawi’s personality and terrorist acts for 3 months, as he trained on the movement and benefited a lot from that, because he drew an identity for this character, either in terms or style such as the phrase “God is the helper” and the term “tyrants”.

He pointed out, “Grimmery in Ashmawi’s personality is part of the success of her acting and she is indeed his true personality.”

Al-Awadi confirmed that the first comment about his role and the series was from his wife, artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz, who said to him, “Oh, Ahmed, the role that you are treating, people will hate you.”

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