A relative of Kim Jong Un announced what is happening with the leader of North Korea and hinted that …


Basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who has an extremely close relationship with Kim Jong Un, commented on rumors about the health of the DPRK leader. The 59-year-old five-time NBA champion was adamant that Chen Un’s younger one would most likely succeed him.

Kim Yo-Chen gave his first public speech in March and has long trusted his brother and represented him at a number of events. This was also the case during the 2018 Winter Olympics at South Korea’s Pyongyang Winter Center. She also accompanied Kim Jong Un on his two meetings with Donald Trump.

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There have been serious concerns about the DPRK leader’s health in recent months. Many even doubt whether he is alive. Since March, he has only appeared at one event – to greet factory workers on the occasion of May 1. However, Dennis Rodman is not convinced that it was Kim Jong Un himself.

“I am in constant communication with the DPRK. I will confess something to you! If you see his sister giving a speech on television, then there is something serious. That’s all I’ll tell you, “the former basketball player announced on the TV show” Good Morning, Britain “hosted by Pierce Morgan.

“I’ll add something else, Pierce. Remember when Kim Jong Un sent her to South Korea before he went there himself? Do you remember that moment? He went there only after that. I do not want to comment on whether he is alive or not. I will just say that she is the one who will succeed him, “added Rodman.

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