A photo of the “mystical” Rosalie, destined for the Cobra’s mistress, has appeared



The site Show.bg published a unique photo of Kubrat Pulev’s mistress Rosalie Petrova. The photo was posted by Andrea herself in her Instagram story, but then she deleted it in a flash.”When you’re spinning diagrams and you’re thinking,” Andrea wrote under Rosalie’s photo, “The Cobra Mistress is nothing special – she doesn’t shine with beauty or style or vision.”

It is clear from the photo that Rosalie does not shine with unearthly beauty, dresses mediocrely and is not even slightly unassuming. But apparently noticeable enough when she managed to entangle such rich men in her schemes.

As it turned out, Cobra and Rosalie bought a property in the name of the two some time ago. Although the floor of the house is named after both, it is assumed that the boxer paid for it himself

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lata sum.

Interestingly, only two months later, Petrova began looking for a new buyer for the property through her company, Rodex Estate, and Rosalie wanted to barter without the Cobra’s knowledge, which greatly worried his relatives. has been involved in brutal property fraud schemes and fears that 30-year-old Rosalie will turn out to be a dangerous gold digger.

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