A passenger plane with more than 100 people on board crashed in Pakistan – World


C a Pakistani airline plane crashed in a densely populated area of ​​Karachi.

The plane took off from Lahore for Karachi and crashed near the airport, a source in the civil aviation administration said.

There are no survivors from the plane crash, said the mayor of the Pakistani city.

Footage shows black smoke rising above the crash site.

The BBC writes that there were 99 passengers and 8 crew members on the plane. According to the Kyodo news agency, there were about 100 people on board.

A little later, it became clear that the Pakistani film actor, singer and pilot Fakhr-e-Alam posted on his Twitter account the conversation of the crew of the crashed plane, as well as the list of passengers in it.

According to the excerpt from the recording of the conversation with the dispatcher, it became clear that the pilot reported that he had lost one engine, after which the dispatcher gave approval for access to the runway. Immediately afterwards, the plane signaled a disaster.

Fakhr-e-Alam also published the list of passengers, which shows that there were 91 people on board, at least one of whom was a foreigner – Eric Simon.

The incident comes just days after the country began resuming trade flights after planes were grounded during the blockade due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The crash came as Pakistanis across the country prepared to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, with many traveling back home to towns and villages.

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